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Working with Lumed and BPLab international brands, we offer ECG, Holter and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring solutions and their integrations with our renowned software, ClinicBase and CardioBase®.

All medical devices have CE standards Marcacao CE

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3, 6, and 12 channels

Lumed ECG 2 Lumed ECG 1 Lumed ECG 1 Lumed ECG 2 Lumed ECG 2

General features

• Alphanumeric, reduced or full keyboard
• 7" or 10" 800x480 resolution LCD screen
• Pacemaker Peak Detection and Processing
• Auto ECG measurements and interpretations (MAC-ekg algorithm)
• Very low power consumption: 360 to 1,080 ECGs on a full battery charge
• USB interfaces (input and output); RJ45 Ethernet network interface
• Built-in memory in non-proprietary SD Card
• Memory extension up to 10,000 ECGs
• ECG transfer via RJ45 (via direct FTP) or USB (direct to PC)
• Exported data format: XML, PDF or DICOM Waveform ECG
• High quality signal, 1000 Hz @ 12 bit
• Firmware upgrades locally
• USB connection for laser or inkjet printers on plain paper in black and white or color

• Paperless mode: records and stores ECGs, sends to external software (ClinicBase, CardioBase or euro_ecg SW12)
• Allows for subsequent printing on plain paper in black and white or in color

• Program mode: programmable output for pharmacological Proof of Effort, etc.

• Rhythm mode: print a derivative of your choice for 60 seconds on a single A4 page

• Dual Auto mode: "View and then print" or "Print what you see"


3 and 12 channels

Lumed Holter 1 Lumed Holter 2

Lumed Holter Lumed Holter Lumed Holter Lumed Holter

A 3/12-channel Holter system with quick and easy operation. Intuitive interface combined with fast and powerful algorithms.

The easiest and most effective tool for analyzing 3-channel measurements.

SW3 euro_holter analysis software

includes all the tools a cardiologist needs:

• Recording and analysis of 3-channel recordings
• Morphological analysis based on templates
• Advanced morphological analysis based on exclusive Beat Overlay algorithm
• Complete ECG time
• Automatic and manual selection of ECG strips
• Analysis of RR intervals and heart rate
• Dynamic and ST analysis with interactive interface
• Pacemaker peak detection
• Advanced Pacemaker analysis
• Detection and analysis of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter
• Patient file and data backup

Digital recorder

euro_holter 3 with advanced features:

• LCD screen
• 24h or 48h recordings
• High resolution 7 day recording without loss of quality
• Low power consumption with only one AAA battery
• 5-lead patient cable for 3 independent channels
• Starts with or without a computer

Logotipo BPLab

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Lumed Mapa 1
Lumed Mapa 2 Lumed Mapa 2 Lumed Mapa 2

Oscillometric system for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (also known as Monitorização Ambulatória de Pressão Arterial or MAPA) with pulse recording.
Manufactured since 1997

BPLab Standard and BPLab Standard A with activity sensor and body position
+ Includes BPLabWin MAPA data processing software (SYS, DIA, MBP, PP, HR and Double product)

Variable sizes from pediatric (12 -16 cm) to extra-large (38-50 cm)

Patient comfort
• Adaptive insufflation
• Minimum measurement time
• Pulse wave analysis (PWA) without additional insufflations.
• Non-latex clamps (non-allergenic, non-toxic)

Classification BP, "A / A grade" for the general population, pediatrics, and pregnancy

CAP, Alx, PWV Classification: "confirmed" for the general population

Presented as recommended on the BHS (British Hypertension Society) and dabl Educational Trust


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