LeoPOS and LeoGES

Used by serveral recognized brands, LeoPOS and LeoGES are distributed throughout Portugal. Over the 15 years since its implementation, these porducts have been filling a national gap and are must-haves in the clothing and footwear sales industries.

Choose software designed for your business!


LeoPOS consists of an integrated POS system, ideal for any retail store. It is the ideal tool for efficient management of your business, regardless of its size, whether it has 10 or 1000 square meters, 1 or 10 sales outlets. The modular construction makes LeoPOS a scalable system, tailored to your business.

In addition to existing modules, new features are constantly being developed to meet your needs. Designed for all aspects of retail businesses, such as product, color, size and / or length, it allows total control of your stock, simplifying all management tasks.

General Features


• Different purchase and sale prices for each product, color combinations, sizes and lengths
• Minimum stock numbers for each product
• Automatic generation of bar codes that can be easily copied from suppliers
• Products grouped into three hierarchical levels; group, type, and sub-type
• Ability to associate seasons with products and order based on season
• Discount period tracking
• Customer management with the ability to apply fixed discounts, gifts, and discount vouchers
• User / vendor management

Statistics and Listings

• Graphs based on sales from the vendor, supplier, article, etc.
• All statistics and listings can be viewed on-screen, printed, sent by email, exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.


• Receipt of merchandise
• Registration of products by color grid / size / length
• Transfer of stock between warehouses
• Sending orders to suppliers
• Management of incoming and outcoming product deliveries
• Total or partial inventories
• Data download through the Portable Inventory Reader

POS Sales

• Sales to customers
• Credit sales
• Exchanges and vouchers
• Cashier or shift management
• Issue of offer ticket
• Arrangements


Current Supplier Accounts

• Purchasing from supplier
• Analysis of expenses
• Age of balances

Current Customer Accounts

• Control of credit sales to customers at the point of sale
• Total or partial payments

Barcode Labels

• Label designer
• Creation of any label format
• Printing to any Windows compatible printer
• Automatic label issuance based on stock movement


• Allows integration with LeoGES via network (online) or communication (internet)

Technology Platform

• LeoPOS and LeoGES work on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms (XP / Vista / 7/8)
• Optimized for operation with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (or higher) databases.
• All listings are produced in Crystal Reports, allowing great flexibility, speed and quality of results
• LeoPOS works with any type of additional equipment (customer display printer, cash drawers, etc.) either on the computer or on integrated POS systems that can be configured via driver.


LeoGES consists of the integration of several sales outlets (LeoPOS), allowing a central and simplified management of all its stores. Transferring management to the central system frees the sales outlets from these tasks. This system was designed for the operation of a set of stores, whether these are under single management, or operate under a franchise system. Analyze each store (stock, sales, customers, etc.) with a simple mouse click. All the information becomes available after data transfer at the point of sale and LeoGES via internet. You can transfer monthly, daily or even several times a day, depending on the need for up-to-date information. Totally robust, the synchronization of the data is 100% guaranteed, allowing total security in the information. Taking advantage of existing telecommunications infrastructures, the distances are shortened, working easily from 1 or 1000 km away.


• On the product tab it is possible to have different purchase and sale prices by color, size and length
• Definition of various types of puchase and sale prices
• Automatic generation of bar codes or use of supplier bar codes
• Product grouped into three hierarchical levels: group, type and sub-type
• Ability to associate seasons with products and order based on season
• Customer management with the ability to apply fixed discounts, gifts, and discount vouchers
• Management of users / vendors by store
• Automation of tasks (such as exporting and importing files)
• Discount period tracking

Orders, Customers, and Suppliers

• Partial deliveries
• Stock reservations (customer orders)
• Order suggestion. It's possible to generate an order automatically and the program can be informed of the data to be taken into account.
• Multiple analysis maps for orders

Sales / Purchases

• Issuance of any type of document to customers and suppliers
• Multiple purchase and sale prices
• Multiple warehouses
• Possibility of associating different forms according to the type of document

Account chains of customers and suppliers

• Analysis of expences
• Age of balances


• Total or partial inventories
• Data download through Portable Inventory Reader


• All listings can be viewed on the screen, on the printer, sent by email, exported to Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.
• Detailed sales analysis by store, product, vendor, cashier, etc.
• Elaboration of graphs based on sales by seller, store, supplier, article, etc.
• Listings with priced stock, unsold stock and minimum stock
• Profit margins
• Ability to set up various chart types and export to Microsoft Excel
• Elaboration of Mailings to customers by the anniversary date, by the value of accumulated purchases, number of products purchased, etc.

LeoGES / LeoPOS Communications

• File transfers can be sent automatically over internet or manually by thumb drive.
• Possibility of preset communication times with stores, in order to automate the task of transferring data between LeoGES and LeoPOS without requiring any intervention by the user using the CommServices application developed by inforTUCANO.
• Possibility of connecting LeoPOS stations in a network with LeoGES databases allowing the option of online stores.